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Kinglake Ranges Wilderness Camp Working Bee

27 Feb 2011 from 9.00am to 6.00pm-ish at Kinglake Ranges Wilderness Camp


As most of you know we are edging closer to being up and running at the camp.  We have our first overnight camp (The fabulous Reach Foundation) arriving Friday night March 4, quickly followed by a full week camp on the Monday.
Our problem is we are quite behind on lots of 'jobs', which may range from painting, preparing cabins, 
permaculture, landscape gardening, assembling bunks, clean up etc.
We have decided to take a lot of you up on your offers of help that have come through in these past 2 years.  As you probably understand it is often quite hard to say 'yes please' with so many overwhelming things happening, but we are now at a place where we would love to say 'yes please'!!!
We will be running a 'WORKING BEE'  at the camp on Sunday February 27 from 9am to 6pm ish with a BBQ Lunch and dinner provided.
Any help that you may be able to offer us whether it be 1 hour to all day will be greatly appreciated.  
Colin and I thank you in advance for whatever help you may be able to offer.  And if you can't, then that is fine; we realise this is quite short notice.
If you need to speak to us you can get Colin on 0407 318410 or Michelle on 0409 576611. Or simply email us at

I don't really know how to finish this except to say thank you.
Michelle and Colin French
Kinglake Ranges Wilderness Camp
PS  We will be running a bit of a tour at about 10am to show everybody our new facilities.

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