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Window, glazing and bushfires - workshops

1 Nov 2011 from evening at Strathewen & St Andrews Sustainable Rebuilding Project


Windows, glazing and bushfires workshop: listen to the audio files

The Strathewen & St Andrews Sustainable Rebuilding Project are holding a series of workshops designed to assist owner builders and renovators to make their homes as energy efficient as possible.

The first workshop was on window and door for energy efficiency and for bushfire prone areas.

  • Window and door design considerations that will assist your home to be more energy efficient: glazing, shading, frames, light and Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) considerations.
  • Comparison of different options, pros' and con's, payback period
  • We'll look at a range of energy efficient and Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) rated windows, shutters, frames and doors.

Thank you to the Strathewen & St Andrews Sustainable Rebuilding Project, the two presenters and the organisers of the workshop, Going Green Solutions, for sharing the talks on an important topic to the broader community.


Tony Isaac

Tony is a qualified architect, specialising in energy efficient building, Tony has a wealth of experience in the sustainability field including as a lecturer in Thermal Performance, as an Energy Architect for the then Ministry of Housing and as Principal Project Manager (Sustainable Buildings and Development) for the Sustainable Energy Authority of Victoria. Tony's experience includes studies of the social determinants of energy use, developing the FirstRate energy rating software, cost benefit evaluations for energy efficient building regulations and teaching building industry professionals the art of energy efficient building design.

Tony Paarhammer


As builder and manufacturer of energy efficient products, Tony Paarhammer has been involved in the sustainable movement in Australia since the early 90s. Already in 1996 Paarhammer double glazed windows and doors were instrumental in a house at Fairhaven winning the RAIA Energy Efficiency Award. More recently, WERS has rated Paarhammer as Australiaís most energy efficient window.

Tony's formal qualifications include a two year study in Window Technology in Austria and he has now almost 30 years experience in the double and triple glazed window market (including in Europe). Nowadays many architects, builder and homeowners consult Tony Paarhammer for energy efficient solutions.

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