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Washing Machines and Dryers

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Tips to save water and energywashingmachine285.285


Wash in cold water

While some clothes need to be washed in hot water, eg, nappies or clothes with oily stains, most clothes can effectively be washed in cold. Washing clothes in cold water saves energy.


Hang it up

Avoid using electric clothes dryers. Use the natural power of the sun to dry your washing by placing your clothes outside on a clothes line. During wet weather use a clothes rack inside your house.


Wash a full load

Always make sure you wash a full load of clothes. Not only will you save water but the less you use the washing machine the more energy you save.


Buy detergents made from biodegradable substances and are low in sodium and phosphorus

Biodegradable detergents are a safer option for the environment. If you are using greywater for your garden be careful that you are not placing sodium and phosphorus into your soil.


Use your washing water on the garden

Providing you use biodegradable detergents, you can run a diverter hose, available from hardware stores, straight from your washing machine onto the garden.


Use rainwater and/or treated greywater

When building ensure your plumbing allows for the use of rainwater or treated greywater in the laundry.

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