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Reece is an example of how self-resilience, common sense and on-the-ground leadership can save lives and protect neighbourhoods when natural disasters occur.


Reece is one of the famous "Flowerdale Cowboys" who fought hard to protect their street from the fires then saved the beloved Flowerdale Hotel from bushfires while protecting 40 people who went there for shelter.


Reece and his neighbours are an example that Green Cross wants to shine a light on.


The Cowboys have been featured in a number of media stories.


In these videos he shares special insights about how to prepare for busfhires by getting to know and trust your neighbours, having the right gear and attitude, and persevering through adversity with good old fashioned smarts.


And best of all - Reece's partner has a new puppy that will melt your heart as you watch and listen!

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The best way to learn about rebuilding more sustainably is from people who have done it already!


Soon we will be rolling out the Build It Back Green website functionality, and asking you to tell us about your rebuilding experiences and the journey you are on to be more sustainable.

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Billy talks about things that are important in Flowerdale.

Peter and Reece talk about the importance of individual, household and community preparedness.


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