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Taps and Shower Heads

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showerhead285.285When building a new home choose water efficient fittings for all your taps and showerheads. There are numerous tap fixtures that reduce water wastage including taps that have in-built flow regulators. You can also easily install flow restrictors or aerators to most taps for a low cost. A lot of water is wasted trying to get the temperature right. To stop this waste, install mixer taps, which allow you to pre-select your temperature.


A water efficient showerhead costs the same as conventional showerheads but save hundreds in water bills and can come with additional features such as massage, self-cleaning and flow cut-off control. Inefficient showerheads can use more than 15 litres per minute; a four-star rated showerhead uses 7 litres per minute.


The Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) shows the consumption of water by appliances. The label gives products and appliances a star rating from one to six and also provides a number that shows the comparative water consumption in litres. The labels will be on the product or packaging to allow you to compare when you are purchasing.


If you are connected to the mains grid the Victorian Government offers a rebate of $20 for each 3-star shower head that costs more than $100 and $10 for a three-star shower head between $30 and $100. Also contact your local council or water retailer about free shower head exchange programs and discounts on water efficiency products.


Aqua Clic -
Ph. 07 4059 2893

Caroma -
Ph. 13 14 16

Con-Serv -
Ph. 07 3630 5744

Enviro Save System -
Ph. 07 4691 3506

Hansgrohe -
Ph. 03 9811 9971

Redwater -
Ph. 07 3374 2086

Reece -
Ph. 1800 032 566

Showersaver -
Ph. 0410 315 557

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